What about Economic Trends?

I love Economic Trends. Call me a nerd if you’d like but graphs like the one below really rock my world!


I can tell you a lot about investments from this graph. I can tell you that 1980 was the best year to sell gold, February 1999 was a great time to buy into oil, 2000 was a perfect year to dump stocks before re-buying in 2002 or 2009, and right now is the best time since 1995 to invest in Housing. Of course, I have the benefit of history when I make these statements but I think there is a lot to be gleaned from economic indicators like these.  I like to stare at these charts, along with other indicators, and make economic assumptions, which help me perform my role.

If you want to visit this interactive graph as well as other economic indicators, click on it or go to http://www.macrotrends.net/



Magic Bands

My family and I recently tested this experience and I have been blown away! I was able to make all selections pre-arrival, including our room, admission (linking the tickets to our reservation), and even Fast Pass selections and times! When the package arrived (see pic), the kids were amazed. It was a joy for them to just wear the wristbands on vacation day.


Each single wristband (Magic Band!) can do everything now; it let us into our resort room, it let us into the Parks, it let us onto fastpass lines (for attractions we pre-selected), and it even let us charge our food and souvenirs. This is the next generation of Disney and it is going to be fantastic!