The Walt Disney Company Announces Startup Accelerator Program


021214_01_DisneyAcceleratorToday [2/12/2014] The Walt Disney Company announced that it will select 10 startup companies for a three-month mentorship and seed-stage investment program. Disney Accelerator, which will be based in Los Angeles and powered by Techstars, is now accepting applications from early-stage companies with innovative consumer media and entertainment product ideas.

Participants will receive $120,000 in investment capital to develop their ideas, along with mentor support from top Disney executives, including Chairman and CEO Robert A. Iger, and leaders from Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, ESPN and Walt Disney Imagineering, among others. Mentors will also include other entertainment industry leaders, venture capitalists, and Techstars’ extensive network of entrepreneurs, investors and executives. Participants will have access to stories, characters, technology and other resources from across The Walt Disney Company. The program begins June 30, and it concludes with an Investor Demo Day in September where each team will present their company to industry leaders and investors.

“Disney has always been defined by innovation, leveraging the technology required to build the future of entertainment,” Kevin A. Mayer, executive vice president, Corporate Strategy and Business Development, The Walt Disney Company, says. “Disney Accelerator offers a unique collaboration between some of the best creative minds in the entertainment industry and the modern-day visionaries who are starting businesses on the strength of exciting new ideas.” Overseeing the Disney Accelerator program is Michael D. Abrams, Disney’s senior vice president, Innovation.

Visit for details on the program.

I am grateful


Over my years with The Walt Disney Company, I’ve seen many wonderful recognition projects, including Service Anniversaries, Legacy Awards, Hometown identification, favorite characters, and of course birthdays. Recognition is a powerful tool, which Disney embraces at many levels. 

Well in an upcoming edition of the internal newsletter Eyes & Ears, Cast Members will be recognized for what they are grateful for during this holiday season. This will no doubt be a positive influence on both the submitter and the reader. After all, who doesn’t like being grateful?!

Here is my submission to the newsletter:


I am grateful for my job when so many very-talented people are out of work. I am grateful for my seven wonderful, healthy children. I am grateful for the protection I receive from things unknown. I am grateful for my wife, who showers me with blessings beyond comprehension. I am grateful that my place of employment chooses to trade its cash for my services on a weekly basis. I am eternally grateful for receiving blessings I don’t deserve, and I’m equally grateful for protection from the punishment that I do deserve. I’m so grateful to be blessed in so many ways!