Can I Sing??

Can I sing? Wow, that could go in a lot of different directions! If the question is, “Do I have the ability to sing?”, then I would probably say yes. However, the question will most likely be interpreted as, “Do I have the talent to sing?” If you asked my family that question, they would astoundingly say, “NO!” No talent; no singing.
But what about the type of singing that lifts up God? I’m talking Praising God by belting out lyrics from God’s Word!  The Word of God says to “make a joyful noise unto The Lord” (Psalm 100:1). I may not be able to sing with much talent and I certainly have never joined the choir but I can make a joyful noise, and that noise is meant to lift up and praise the name of Jesus!
Psalm 47:6-7 says:
Sing praises to God, sing praises;sing praises to our King, sing praises.
For God is the King of all the earth;sing to him a psalm of praise.
I testify that singing meaningful lyrics in order to bring worship to God absolutely glorifies Him. I love the band Third Day for this reason; they are sold out to glorify God.
Lyrics by Mac Powell/Music by Third Day
From the recording: Come Together, Track #11.
Sing praises to our God, sing praises
Sing praises to our King, sing praises
Let all the nations sing. Let all the nations sing of His love – Oh, sing praises
So shout for joy all of His children
So shout for joy all of His children
Let all the people sing. Let all the people sing of His love. Oh, sing praises
For You are God and You are worthy – of all our lives and all our praise
And so we sing to the Most Holy – The Lord, our God – The Lord, our King
Sing praises to our God, sing praises
Sing praises to our King, sing praises
For He alone is God – For He alone is worthy of praise – Oh, sing praises
If we want to bring glory to God (and I definitely do), then we can do so by singing praises to God. Talent doesn’t matter, and I’m so glad!

I am grateful


Over my years with The Walt Disney Company, I’ve seen many wonderful recognition projects, including Service Anniversaries, Legacy Awards, Hometown identification, favorite characters, and of course birthdays. Recognition is a powerful tool, which Disney embraces at many levels. 

Well in an upcoming edition of the internal newsletter Eyes & Ears, Cast Members will be recognized for what they are grateful for during this holiday season. This will no doubt be a positive influence on both the submitter and the reader. After all, who doesn’t like being grateful?!

Here is my submission to the newsletter:


I am grateful for my job when so many very-talented people are out of work. I am grateful for my seven wonderful, healthy children. I am grateful for the protection I receive from things unknown. I am grateful for my wife, who showers me with blessings beyond comprehension. I am grateful that my place of employment chooses to trade its cash for my services on a weekly basis. I am eternally grateful for receiving blessings I don’t deserve, and I’m equally grateful for protection from the punishment that I do deserve. I’m so grateful to be blessed in so many ways!