I am grateful


Over my years with The Walt Disney Company, I’ve seen many wonderful recognition projects, including Service Anniversaries, Legacy Awards, Hometown identification, favorite characters, and of course birthdays. Recognition is a powerful tool, which Disney embraces at many levels. 

Well in an upcoming edition of the internal newsletter Eyes & Ears, Cast Members will be recognized for what they are grateful for during this holiday season. This will no doubt be a positive influence on both the submitter and the reader. After all, who doesn’t like being grateful?!

Here is my submission to the newsletter:


I am grateful for my job when so many very-talented people are out of work. I am grateful for my seven wonderful, healthy children. I am grateful for the protection I receive from things unknown. I am grateful for my wife, who showers me with blessings beyond comprehension. I am grateful that my place of employment chooses to trade its cash for my services on a weekly basis. I am eternally grateful for receiving blessings I don’t deserve, and I’m equally grateful for protection from the punishment that I do deserve. I’m so grateful to be blessed in so many ways!