The Mystery of God’s Will (part 3) -Charles Swindoll

 Several years ago (perhaps decades!), I read a book entitled THE MYSTERY OF GOD’S WILL by Charles Swindoll. The book made an incredible impression on me and I took a ton of notes. I’ve carried the notes with me ever since then to remind me of where I can always improve my walk with God. I’ve copied them here and divided into six sections: God’s Way, God’s Leading, God’s Sovereignty, God’s Plans, God’s Faithfulness, and God’s Surprises. I hope and pray that these brief notes will help your walk with God, will drive you to further study of God’s will, and prompt all of us to continually deepen our relationship with God.


God’s Sovereignty

If man’s opinion is too significant to us, God may not be sovereign to us. God’s clear, pristine message to us is this: I am in charge, My way is right, and I am reigning sovereignly over you.

Our God is sovereign, which means He has a total, clear perspective. He sees the end from the beginning. There is no match on earth or in heaven. He entertains no fears, has no ignorance and has no needs. He has no limitations and always knows what’s best. He never makes a mistake. He will bring everything to a purposeful conclusion and ultimate goal. He is invincible, immutable, infinite, and self-sufficient. His judgments are unsearchable and his ways unfathomable. He is able to create rather than invent, direct rather than wish, control rather than hope, guide rather than guess, and fulfill rather than dream. – God and God alone can do these things!

God is not only invisible and sovereign, He is also silent. Listening in the silence, we must study God (be sensitive and skilled). We must respond to the inner promptings of The Spirit of God. God’s will is unpredictable. We need to be perceptive and patient. His plan is still unfolding and He is sovereign!