National Coffee Day? ONE day? Really?


National Coffee Day is September 29th.  -National. Coffee. DAY.-  I’m not sure how to prepare for this; how do I cram a whole year of coffee celebration into one day? I can understand celebrating Christmas or New Year’s once a year. Valentines, Memorial, and Labor all get a day;even the groundhog gets a day – but I don’t celebrate coffee once a year. Nor do I celebrate it monthly or weekly.  …I celebrate coffee with my entire LIFE!

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee – down into the belly! Drink it, love it, savor it. Tell it how much you love it. And not just on the 29th; tell your coffee that you adore it constantly.

Therefore, I declare that we drink and celebrate coffee on the 29th, followed by coffee on the 30th, followed by coffee on the 1st, follow by, well you get the point. There should be no limit to how this wonderful beverage is celebrated – LET US ALL EXTOL OUR COFFEE NOW, THE 29th,  THIS WEEK, AND FOREVER!