The Mystery of God’s Will (part 2) -Charles Swindoll



Several years ago (perhaps decades!), I read a book entitled THE MYSTERY OF GOD’S WILL by Charles Swindoll. The book made an incredible impression on me and I took a ton of notes. I’ve carried the notes with me ever since then to remind me of where I can always improve my walk with God. I’ve copied them here and divided into six sections: God’s Way, God’s Leading, God’s Sovereignty, God’s Plans, God’s Faithfulness, and God’s Surprises. I hope and pray that these brief notes will help your walk with God, will drive you to further study of God’s will, and prompt all of us to continually deepen our relationship with God.


God’s Leading

How does God lead?

  • Through His written word. You can never go wrong consulting scripture but every decision does not require a specific verse. The Word of God does not come to people today; we must go to God’s Word. The bible is God’s final revelation – until He sends His Son to take us home. God does not provide specifics for every situation; just principles to guide us.
  • By prompting of the Holy Spirit (do all things without grumbling or disputing – watch to see where God is at work and just go there!)
  • Through counsel of the wise, qualified, trustworthy people (such people will stay objective, listen carefully, and answer slowly –usually not family)
  • Through inner assurance of peace

Faith requires action on our part: Sometimes we need a major change of direction, not necessarily because we’re going in an evil direction but it’s just not the direction God wants for us. God doesn’t want us to substitute good for the very best. Always ask yourself, “Am I willing to do it, once He makes it clear?”

Faith is obeying The Lord when I’m unsure of the outcome. God wants us to walk by faith, not by sight. We talk about the will of God for hours (which results in us not doing it!) Doing God’s will may upset others (Abel). You are not on this earth, as a child of God, to please your family members or friends. God’s will may lead to a surprise ending (Enoch). Doing God’s will may mean persecution (Noah) – don’t expect approval of others. Walking by faith may feel lonely, or futile, but God will use you in His special plan. Doing God’s will means leaving the familiar for the unknown (Abraham). Ministry that costs nothing accomplishes nothing. God alone knows our future (and there is nothing better than His will.) Only God is sovereign; let Him reign in your life. God, and God alone, is in full control. His leading is always right.